We believe in our products. I know I know, every company says the same thing:

"We scoured the world to source the best ingredients to produce the best products available... blah blah blah

Here at Pureclinica, the people we care about the most use our products. In fact this company was started because we could not find the right supplemental nutritioun for our founders sick mum. That was 2005. All these years later we still wake up every day trying to make what we do better and better.

We meticulously plan everything that goes into our supplements. and we have worked hard to provide premium thought-fully crafter nutrition so you don't have to.  

Quality matters, and we seek to be different in every way that matters:

  1. Double, Triple, or even 10x the Strength.
    We make our supplements to be effective while remaining good value for money. To that end you will find that they all contain either double, triple, or even 10x the amount of active ingredients per tablet when compared to our competitors. This means you don't have to rattle like a pill bottle, and you don't have to spend 3 or 4 times the price to get an effective quantity of active ingredient. Compare our products mg for mg to any of our competitors.
  2. Made to exceed the best standards.
    Our products are not sourced in China. We manufacture them in the UK, Switzerland, and the USA. We work with the world's largest manufacturer of health supplements. Because of this you can be rest assured our products are made to of the highest standard. Yeah yeah, I know you've heard that before, but we mean it. Our products are made to not only meet, but exceed cGMP and ISO standards. Every step of our supply chain is tested and documented. And that takes me to...
  3. Independent third party testing. 
    We have many of our batches of supplements independently 3rd party tested by one of the largest testing facilities in the USA. They select random bottles of ours and test them to ensure they contain exactly what is stated on the label. Nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Experienced health advisors.
     Our customer service team and project coordinators, Colin and Ben, were previously leaders and pioneers in many of the UK Government's Public Health community out-reach programs. They are trained in every aspect of health through diet and nutrition, and much more. For example, Ben previously ran a not-for-profit stroke outpatient organization, helping to nurse stroke patients back towards being healthy. We now finance the rent for that organization.
  5. Truly a family business. 
     I founded Pureclinica in 2005 with my mother, and since then have gone on to hire my brother, his wife, my best friend and his partner. We started in my mother's kitchen, and now have offices in 3 countries and growing. But we remain true to our humble origin and work on a very close and personal level. 
  6. Good for you, and for others.
     For every bottle you purchase, we will make a donation on your behalf that will pay for a years supply of life changing vitamins and minerals for a child in need. 
See the difference, shop the difference, feel the difference. 

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