Who We Are


Pureclinica was founded by family members and has grown to include 6 new team members:
Andrew - Managing Director
Founder and head honcho, Andrew is a avid entrepreneur and the founder of 5 companies to date. His determination and passion for all things business has seen him develop Pureclinica from a tiny company retailing just one health supplement (UltraColl) into a brand with distribution in 23 countries and global recognition. Besides business, Andrew can be found playing rock climbing most weekends, or indulging his love of travelling. His love of candy is second only to Josh's.  
Josh - Technical stuff
Josh looks after all things technical for us at Pureclinica. He has a degree in IT from Hull University in the UK and a passion for all things techy and Mountain Bike related. He recently climbed 3 of the worlds 7 largest mountains in aid of raising funds for a clean water initiative in Africa and is hoping to conquer the remaing four.
Josh is credited with keeping the most chocolate at his desk, due to a healthy obsession with it: Galaxy and M&Ms being among his top picks. He was once interviewed by Sky Sports News having witnessed a notorious point in David Beckhams career, he prefers not to talk about it.
Sarah - Marketing and Sales Manager
Sarah keeps our customers informed of everything going on at Pureclinica and ensures that the things that need to get done get done. She is an avid practitioner of Yoga, particularly Bikram and has ensured our offices are Feng Shui. We were proud to welcome Sarah to our team after the birth of her third child Sam, who now decorates our office with his finger paintings and pictures, and the occasional scribble on the wall.  
Adam - Product Development
Adam hails from the gloriously sunny Florida, but grew up in San Francisco. He currently resides in New York and can boast that he has lived on Four of the worlds continents. He has a PhD in a science that is too complicated to spell, and is responsible for our wonderful product creations. His day to day is spent working on new products for us, and in his research post at the University he graduated from. His hobbies include running, travelling, collecting magnets from locations all around the world and kite surfing.
Ben - Customer Loyalty and Support Manager
Ben is the go to guy for anyone who has any problems or questions about an order or any of our products. His diligence and love of people extend beyond work. In his spare time he also throws some amazing parties in which he delivers up his own special brew beer. His passion in life is running, having twice run the London Marathon and once run the New York Marathon. Despite his physical prowess and energy, he has an amazing ability to sleep and once slept through a rain storm in a tent that had collapsed in on him.  
Claire - Creative things
Claire is responsible for the beautfiul design of everything Pureclinica. She is one of three identical triplets and has a passion for show jumping, having twice won national competitions. Claire collects and loves anything animal related including animals themselves. Her home currently resembles a sanctuary for stray cats, and hedgehogs and often plays host to the odd injured bird. It helps that her husband is a vetinary surgeon and both her young daughters share her passion.
Pradip - The money side
Pradip hails from India and looks after the pennies and much of the boring paper work (he seems to thrive on it!) companies tend to generate. A true god send and responsible for ensuring all our bills get paid on time and the growth of the business is well managed and timed. Pradip has a knack for turning any situation into a hilarious story and regularly has the whole office unable to do anything but laugh.... wait that's not so good! He has a love for vintage cars and fortunately an understanding wife who he drags to shows.

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